Beckley Point, Plymouth

Beckley Point

Beckley Point

Plymouth's tallest building, Beckley Point, nears completion with all internals complete students moved in last weekend. This stunning twenty three story building consisting of three cores utilises a natural smoke shaft with EN12101pt 8 Dampers, AOV windows, louvered roof vents and a mechanical extract system comprising duty and standby fans to provide smoke ventilation to all the communal areas.

A late change to the layout created an unprotected area that required a mechanical extract system and Smoke Control Systems were able to supply fans and controls in addition to the original equipment in time for commissioning and handover. Two, of the latest version, Commsmaster Visio controllers were installed in the Reception Area and at the Fire Control Point giving the authorised personal a choice of locations to operate the system, which comprises of single zone controllers located in a central riser and local thermostats for day to day ventilation.

Construction on site started in 2015 and we started installing smoke shaft vents and controls in November 2016 with roof vents being installed in Spring 2017.

Working closely with the Machanical and Electrical Contractor T Clarke, who installed all the field wiring resulted in a seamless integration of the controls with the AOV Windows supplied directly to the Main Contractor Kier Construction.


Main Contractor

Beckley Point Riser
Beckley Point Riser
M & E Contractor
M & E Contractor

Glendower House, Cardiff –

Glendower House

Our latest project with one of South Wales leading builders has completed ahead of schedule in time for students to move in for Septembers intake.

This seven story steel framed modular has one natural smoke shaft with EN12101-8 lobby dampers, and our SCS Dome vents controlled by Single Zone controllers to create a multi zone system compling to all the latest regulations and standards, while reducing space required, cableing and ultimately costs.




intelle construction
Glendower House Cardiff

Approved Installers



Representatives from our Smoke Control Damper supplier and the manufactures visited Wella House & Cathedral House last week to carry out inspections of our works to ensure that we are completing all the processes and procedures in accordance with their operating and installation instructions. No issues were found at either site to retain our place on their Approved Installers List.

Both sites utilized the Avantage Smoke Control Damper as part of a powered Smoke Extract System.