Great Ormand Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital Large

Client: Cosaf - Great Ormand Street Hospital

Project: Natural smoke shaft control system

Value: £10,000.00

Duration: 3 weeks

Details:Fire-fighting shafts were required because of the high-rise nature of the project with natural smoke removal from the fire-fighting lobbies.
Equipment for ventilation of the fire-fighting shafts operates as complete systems to be as described in Building Research Establishment (BRE) Project Report 79204.
Primary operation of the system is automatic from smoke detectors in the lobbies.
However, it may be that a fire incident occurs when the building has limited occupation.
It could be then that with no escapees entering a lobby from a fire floor and bringing smoke with them smoke detection does not operate to start the ventilation system in a lobby.
Thus as recommended in BRE79204 each lobby contains a fire-fighters switch for fire-fighters to manually operate the ventilation system should they arrive and it not be operating as required to aid fire-fighting operations.