Approved Installers



Representatives from our Smoke Control Damper supplier and the manufactures visited Wella House & Cathedral House last week to carry out inspections of our works to ensure that we are completing all the processes and procedures in accordance with their operating and installation instructions. No issues were found at either site to retain our place on their Approved Installers List.

Both sites utilized the Avantage Smoke Control Damper as part of a powered Smoke Extract System.




Planning laws relaxed to allow development of offices to residential apartment blocks.

Riverside House

With the changes to planning law now allowing office blocks to be converted to residential apartment blocks many developers are inheriting projects where there is no provision for Smoke Ventilation and are having to find a solution at a very late stage in the rebuild. Here at Smoke Control Systems we have helped several developers with this very situation, turning their last minute problems in to compliant solutions in a very short time span. One such system like this was at Cathedral House.

Welcome to the new Smoke Control Systems website

Smoke Control Systems Website

Welcome to the new Smoke Control Systems website and blog!

Our website is now mobile friendly, which means it’s easy for you to use whether you’re using your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or another device. It’s also much easier for you to buy products now.

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