With an extensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements for smoke control in both new build and renovation projects, we can offer the following, most commonly used, solutions to enable effective smoke control.

Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems

Ranging from a single AOV windows to a multi-story natural shafts and atria, with our full range of certified Controls, dampers, AOV Windows and Vents we can accommodate most requirements, providing a rapid response to give a fast turnaround from quoting to completion.

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Powered Smoke Ventilation

In cases where there is insufficient space for a natural shaft or travel distances are greater than those stated in current standards then a mechanical fan assisted system may be required. These systems can be developed with the use of CFD modelling to ensure the provide complete protection to the building occupants.

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Pressurisation Systems

Pressurisation system work on the principle of creating a higher pressure in the protected space, usually a stairwell thus preventing smoke from entering.
A properly designed, installed and maintained pressurisation systems are accepted as providing the highest level of protection. Whereas a badly designed and installed systems have led to negative opinions about this type of solution, the same can apply to any system that is not correctly designed, installed.

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